Frozen In Time

Mid August in the Adirondacks feels like a sprint; quick, powerful moments, crammed into a blink of an eye.  The days are long and sweet, overflowing with summers bounty, fighting the crushing knowledge that before long, the cold and snow will return.  And stay.  For a long, long time.  

My photography practice has taken a back seat in these hectic weeks, camera sitting alone and sad while we are out on the run chasing our best summer.  I have, however, snatched a few quiet moments to look back at some of my practice from earlier this year.  This is one of my favorites from an April day trip to St. Augustine, FL.  

There is magic in that city, a feeling that time has stood still for hundreds of years.  We walked by this man several times before this moment found me.  I had been shooting buildings and gardens, focusing on the history of the city, when the people cleared, the sun peaked out and the sound of a guitar grabbed my ears.  I got off a couple of frames before the moment was lost to tourists (like us) filled the street again.  I will always count myself lucky for catching a glimpse of the true timelessness of that wonderful little city.