COLLECTABLE BUTTON #1 / If there’s one star in the Curiously Adirondack universe who deserves a button of her own, it’s our friend Natalie Leduc. Wear her proudly! And while you’re at it, catch Natalie’s star turn during Season 1’s “Asleep Beneath The Sod: Saranac Lake’s Pine Ridge Cemetery. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

COLLECTABLE BUTTON #2 / Every Curiously Adirondack aims to teach and enlarge horizons, playfully. Example: Season 2’s mockumentary about giant beavers. Wear the Adirondack giant beaver proudly on this one of a kind button! The photo features co-producers Ed Kanze and Josh Clement (as The Beav). CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

COLLECTABLE BUTTON #3 / Every Curiously Adirondack offers a heady whirl around the color wheel. Consider this red trillium, photographed by Ed Kanze in old-growth forest on Ampersand Mountain during production for Season 3. Be as glamorous as a trillium on a spring morning. Wear this button! CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

BUMPER STICKER / Not embarrassed to be seen with a Curiously Adirondack bumper sticker on your car or truck? Why should you be? We’re harmless. We’re wholesome. We’re playful as a puppy. The whole world watches Curiously Adirondack. It’s a fact. Show that you watch, too. Display this sticker wherever you and your bumper roam! CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

NOTEBOOK (DOE A DEER) / You’re not high-tech. You enjoy writing on actual paper. Then this is the notebook for you! The cover features an Ed Kanze photo of an Adirondack whitetail deer, a doe, a female deer, catching golden sun. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

TOTE BAG (WATER LILY) / Adirondack lakes, ponds, and rivers are often graced by fragrant white water lilies. This tote bag features a water lily photographed by Ed Kanze on Fish Creek. You’ll get the prettiest canvas tote bag north of Albany. We’re confident you’ll feel virtuous, too. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

TOTE BAG (CHIPPER THE CHIPMUNK) / This tote bag features an Ed Kanze photo of a 100% organic free-range Adirondack chipmunk. The chipmunk is so good-looking that we advise keeping this bag away from other chipmunks. They might run away with it. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

COFFEE MUG (RINGO THE FROG) / In the Adirondacks, wood frogs abound. Brown with black masks, they leap like Olympians. The Ed Kanze photo will never quack like a duck, which the amphibian does in spring. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

COFFEE MUG (BUCK THE GOAT) / Goats don’t drink coffee. OK, that’s not true. They will drink coffee if you leave some near them. Buck, Adirondack-born at Asgaard Farm, starred in Season 1. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

COFFEE MUG (KIKO THE GOAT) / Goats make friends. Buck’s best friend and roommate is Kiko, also Adirondack-born at Asgaard Farm and also a Season 1 star. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

KITCHEN/GARDEN APRON (CATER-PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY) / Monarchs are stunning. Even as caterpillars, they take the breath away (although not to the point of requiring medical intervention.) Josh Clement cooked up this one-of-a-kind monarch caterpillar chef’s apron. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

WATER BOTTLE (SALLY MANDER) / Amphibians like to be wet, so Josh paired Ed’s photo of an Adirondack blue-spotted salamander with a water bottle. Carry this beauty in the woods to hydrate amphibians and yourself in grand style. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

WALL CLOCK (GREAT GRAY OWL) / Let a great gray owl gaze down and keep you informed of the time. Josh took one of Ed’s favorite photos of this winter Adirondack visitor and gave it hands. They’ll keep you running on schedule. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

LUMBAR PILLOW (LOGO) / You’ll enjoy tucking this collectible Curiously Adirondack pillow beneath your lumbar vertebrae the next time you flop into a car or couch. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.  

BEACH TOWEL (THE LOONS! THE LOONS!) / OK, you’re going swimming in an Adirondack lake, but you don’t want to unfurl a towel purchased in some benighted place and featuring, say, a picture of a sea horse. Put this regionally appropriate Josh Clement loon design on the beach of your choice. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

FLEECE BLANKET (LOGO) / Designer Josh Clement went for bold colors on this Curiously Adirondack throw blanket. Curl up underneath it and be confident no one will step on you. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

FLEECE BLANKET (GREEN LEAF) / Designer Josh Clement was inspired by the trees on this Curiously Adirondack throw blanket. Curl up underneath it and be confident no one will step on you. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.