The Last Drip: A Survivor's Goodbye To Cancer

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. As with any cancer, a diagnosis doesn’t just last for a month. The impact on a cancer patient is something that remains with them forever. The emotional and physical journey is one you can never plan for; yet it is by far the most important journey you will ever take. The Last Drip shares a stage IV ovarian cancer survivor’s reflection of her journey as she undergoes her last chemotherapy treatment. Please feel free to share The Last Drip with the world. Thank you. 

UPDATE (JULY 5, 2017): My dear friend Diane Germano has passed away. We made the documentary short The Last Drip together. Diane wanted cancer survivors and their caregivers to hear her story and benefit from it. This is her gift to the world. Who does that? I'm at a loss for words. All I can do is share her story from time to time. I'd like to ask that maybe you do the same. Diane was a true and genuine friend, a reminder in the scheme of things of what really matters. Thank you, Diane. Until we meet again...peace and love.