The Toy Dolls Set To Play Montebello Rockfest 2018


Legendary punk rockers, The Toy Dolls, will play their first ever show in Canada at Montebello Rockfest on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Ahead of the much anticipated appearance, guitarist and frontman Michael "Olga" Algar answered a few questions from Colton Clement and Josh Clement Productions LLC.     

"Practicing is fine, and necessary, but pointless being worlds best player if you never leave your bedroom.
Most import thing...Enjoy it!"

1.     Hello Olga! The Toy Dolls are playing Montebello Rockfest, the largest rock festival in Canada, on June 16th, 2018. How does the festival atmosphere affect a Toy Dolls performance? Differ from the club circuit?

OLGA: I think playing to a large crowd at a festival or small club crowd doesn't differ a lot until you know your Auntie Betty or Uncle Fred are in the audience, that's when the nerves kick in! Anyways, we enjoy both, great to play to a lot of whereas it’s also nice to have that close contact with an intimate crowd.

2.     The Toy Dolls have been around long enough to attract fans of all ages. How do newer and younger fans differ from long-term followers? Furthermore, it seems punk music transcends time. Why does punk music resonate with such a wide audience?

OLGA: Punk is an attitude of mind, doing, dressing, as you wish without compromise, this has continued to be the case since 1976 till now and onwards! So the fans are the same really, just younger! It resonates with such a wide audience because its exactly that, timeless! And nice to listen too!

3.     Speaking of punk music, Bill Stevenson of The Descendents once said their music could be classified as chainsaw pop. Would you call The Toy Dolls music punk or is there a better term for it?

OLGA: To be honest, though we fit into the PUNK category, we have always just called our music Toy Dolls music!

4.     I’m a 17-year-old guitar player. What’s the best piece of advice you can offer on expanding my playing abilities? On playing live?

OLGA: I would advise to start playing in a band or with other musicians as soon as you possibly can. You can learn so much from each other. Practicing is fine, and necessary, but pointless being worlds best player if you never leave your bedroom.
Most import thing...Enjoy it!

5.     The Toy Dolls are rarely seen without their rectangular sunglasses. Do you recommend a signature look or behavior? Throw one at me. I might just take you up on it!

OLGA: I do indeed recommend a signature look, though the sunglasses wasn't for that reason. I was just too scared to see the audience when we started, still am in fact!

5.     Finally, my Dad’s favorite Toy Dolls song is “Nelly The Elephant”. I love it too! We both want to know how you discovered that song. How did you know it would make for a brilliant Toy Dolls cover?

OLGA: Ha, don’t you mean your Grand Dad’s favourite Toy Dolls song!? I actually had the "wooooooooo" idea for years before hearing the song, a children’s nursery rhyme. As soon as I heard it on TV I thought the "wooooooooo" and the song would complement each other and make the perfect Toy Dolls cover, and so be it.

Thanks so much taking the time to answer a few questions. I look forward to seeing you at Montebello Rockfest 2018. Cheers! -Colton Clement (#attheshowJCP)


Colton Clement and Josh Clement Productions LLC will be covering Montebello Rockfest for the 5th year in a row June 14-16, 2018. If you're there come say hello! Follow along with their antics using the hashtag "#attheshowJCP" on all social media! Rock out!