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A View Remembered

I have seriously neglected my practice lately.  Life's curve balls keep pushing me off track and my camera sits idling in its case, begging to escape the confines of that dark bag and go out to capture the world.  Sadly, schedules and wild weather have hindered us (yes, I just personified my camera) from these adventures.  I have all intentions of more practice this week.  

While trapped inside, hiding from the bizarre weather, I did start the tedious task of importing and reorganizing past photos.  It was fun to revisit our past adventures, but I promise not to bore you with a walk down memory lane.  Occasionally, when I'm not being begged to take someones picture, I try to capture some of the beauty that surrounds us.  I thought I'd share a moment I found in the archives.  

Misty Morning, Fall 2014

Misty Morning, Fall 2014

Fresh Cuttings

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to wander, with my camera, around the most lovely sawmill. Surrounded by piles and piles of texture, light, lines and activity, I was overwhelmed with ideas and not at all sure where to start.  I think the sweet bright smell of fresh cut wood went right to my head.  I took a moment to stand still, to absorb the place around me and then I let my camera take the lead and let the shutter fly.  

There are a lot of images to sort through from my hour at the mill, these are a couple of my first impressions.  

(Maybe some snippets from yesterday's camera practice will make it into an upcoming Curiously Adirondack.) 

~Shuttered Aspirations~

Welcome to my little corner of our website!  I am the quieter side of Josh Clement Productions, and wearer of many hats:  mother, wife, sounding board, homework checker, bookkeeper, laundry queen...just to name a few.  

One of my favorite hats is that of photographer, yes I like it more than my laundry tiara. There is something about pinching a moment in time, holding it close and letting the image speak for itself. It's a practice I hold dear and work at as often as possible.  Here, I would like share some of my work with you.  I hope you enjoy!     ~Holly